Aaron Leighton

Super Great Cowboy Jam

He was the Super Great All-Star Converse Cowboy
He walked like he was Jesus Christ Superstar
They fashioned in his image shoes and cars
A catalytic diabolical dream about being truly free
Set forth on the back pageantry of a different holy speak
He was the rad uncle to You and Me
He rode in on Friday and had a weekend at Bernie’s
He made sandcastles and casseroles and painted in pastels
He showed us the privilege of having two good legs and two great arms
He spoke like thunderclap in the desert monsoon
He came down from the mount of peaches to celebrate my birthday
He brought summer-time most times and passion in spades
He brought Michael Jackson back from the grave
He was better than the best and no bigger than a grasshopper’s knee
He rose like King Kunta to the power that be
That Space Jam classic-rock cowboy was Christmas jingles in July
He brought the surf-style sermons for the apples of his eye
He was the frangipani bloom right before school
He was the back alleys and side street Tom Sawyer lookalikes
He was un-reigned freedom framed justice
He was screaming and yelling down roads back home
He was the streetlights that held back sunset’s curfew call
He made gritty gunslingers sing lullabies
He made the sheriff and the deputy high-five
He saved John Wayne from Mr. Eastwood and an empty chair
He rocked the moonwalk and Elvis Presley Hair
He was that Benny boy sandlot original
He was the Super Great All-Star Converse Cowboy


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