Alcohol Consumption Since COVID-19

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Employed Addicts Will Make Adjustments

“We’ll see some people strive to regain control of their drinking habits once it’s time to physically return to work, and we will see others struggle to secure a new job because they have to limit their drinking,” says Dr. Meghan Marcum, chief psychologist at a Better Life Recovery in San Juan Capistrano, California.

“As social distancing and self-isolation turns from weeks to months, we’ll see more online partying, more Zoom parties, and more alcohol consumption, so we’re going to hear about more problems related to alcohol abuse.”

– Daryl Davies, professor of clinical psychology at the USC School of Pharmacy and director of the Alcohol and Brain Research Laboratory.

Dr. Marcum echoes Davies’ concerns: “As long as the social distancing restrictions are in place, we will continue to see people drinking more at home.”


Written by: Sarah Sharp