Art Studio – University Rd – Pakistan

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.


Art show 2021, is the second exhibition hosted by Iqra Saeed Khattak in her private art studio located at University Road of Peshawar, Pakistan…

It was apparent in the wake of the pandemic the need of such soulful events which divert their attention away from the negativity and refresh the soul. By finally coming out of their homes to admire the creativity of artists, we expose the God-gifted imaginative minds we were born with – discovering the stairway art produces to escape from the world of reality. Being an art lover myself and self-taught artist, I have also participated in the event as a contributor. It is a showcase for Khattak’s peers in the artistic community and was also advertised on social media.

At the main gate, armed guards in their navy-blue uniforms sat behind a small desk collecting the entrance fee while sanitizing the visitor’s hands, checking for masks, and informing guests about the SOPs. After the entrance from the main gate, the narrow, multi-colored stairs lead to a small but well-organized studio; where on the right wall, there’s an artistic work by the owner (Iqra Saeed Khattak) – a heptaptych, exuding elegance and attractiveness. It is an expressionist portrait with contrasting color schemes, creating a theoretical foundation of warm tones that surround a young lady in dark clothing. She has white skin and lovely eyes, as she poses in an enthusiastic side posture.

Going through the door to the second level, the main studio leads to a world of fantasy with unbelievable artworks, and there is a sense of euphoria amongst the spectators. There’s a cacophony of various genres – portraits, landscapes, abstract, sketches, Sufi art, calligraphy, and sculpture made from wire, each beautifully arranged in an unorthodox manner. The clean white walls of the interior studio and warm lighting above make each painting more appealing as they provide a contrasting sense of coziness – considering the slight chill in the weather.

Many of the portraits were representative of Pakistani culture, displaying women covered in veils, while others were exceptionally cutting edge. In Peshawar, these events, as compared to other cities in Pakistan, are seldom held, making it especially enjoyable, and I was happy to see an art exhibition here. The event was well-organized offering food, media and music, and all of it in a small art studio. Everyone enjoyed themselves a great deal, exchanging their views on the different paintings and refreshed their souls.

“One of my dream” – Fariba Laiq


My own original painting – an illustration of my dream, admiring the aurora lights in a sky full of stars. It represents a heart full of peace, a mind full of dreams – a scene full of calmness and serenity. My better half is inside the boat as it streams through the sea of hopes in the waves of freedom.

“Tent Pegging” – Danish Khattak

-Oil on canvas

Depicts an Indian Equestrian sport known as “Tent Pegging.” The objective of the rider on the horse is to pierce, pick up and carry pegs from the ground using a lance or sword, with the goal of reaching a ground target that looks like a tent peg.

“Untitled” – Fariba Laiq

“Wall Art” – Iqra Saeed Khattak

Written by: Fariba Laiq