First Pages: GENESIS

“We hit up the kitchen already and grabbed as much food and water as we could carry” said Henry as he stood up to greet me. His eyes locked onto the blood that covered my hands and stained my pant leg, and then widened as he asked what had happened. “Fell through the floor” was all I was able to get out before dropping to a knee. My ears had begun to ring and my head pounded with the rhythmic beating of my heart. The world around me started getting dark and now the turbulence that’d been ravishing the walls of the hotel disappeared, and all that was left was a loud ringing…then sleep.

I awakened on a cold metal surface to Connie holding my head in place, as she looked at me saying, “Just bite down, this will be over in a minute! I swear!” For the moment I was lost in her motherly gaze and felt at ease, until I saw that Henry was moving my way with a butcher’s knife glowing an orange-ish red. I knew what was coming and was not prepared. I felt the hot steel begin to sear the open wound on my leg and could smell the odor of burning flesh and hair assaulting my nostrils – adding insult to the pain I was already feeling.

The pain lingered, but we couldn’t afford to rest any longer than I had already forced us to… <<BACK

Written by: Larry Slattery

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