Hope Baxter

Contigo el sol nunca se pone


Are all you need;

Oceans collide and tides abide,

Within your gaze,

Your gaze of sapphire blue.

What power do you possess,

that makes the wold look a mess?

You are the one and only gem amonst a sea of coal,

Your eyes,

Your eyes

They take my breath…

Your breath

Breaths life into the world,

It’s like mother nature herself,

It’s humming to your slow soft shallow breaths,

She blessed you in her spring rain

And you caught your breath as it cascaded

Down your face boucning slightly at your luscious lips,

Angles themselves bowed down to you,

Their light dimmed only by your own,

Their voices turned to snarls

At the sound of your melodious words.

“Contigo el sol nunca se pone”

Her aura contained an amber glow   

and hues of red that clung to her skin        

almost like they couldn’t bear to be apart and if possible wanted to be closer,

Mirroring the actions of the birds themselves…

Sweet fragrances of lavender, rose and strawberry, 

Pulsated from her body in whimsical wisps,   

Intoxicating every poor passerby 

Who now had to endure the agony of falling in love,    

With the autumn air.

She should not stop talking   

for I fear when she does all hope    

Will be lost;

I cannot talk,    

Talk to the stars.    

I am at a loss for words…


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