McLyne Carr


I wish to be beautiful like her, but I don’t know her.

Careless in his thoughts, I feel as if I’m a burden.

A place holder while he seeks out a new treasure.

A familar.

A sensation running down my back,

to be able to breathe again is only a step away.

We seep down, running from our past,

but yet we wear our mother’s shoes.

We remember to play nice, wait till they grow old,

then it’s our turn.

Our turn for happiness, to not flinch when the clock strikes 4.

We are polite.

We smile and say we are fine.

You are a perfect mold of what he wants and isn’t.


White walls and fake smiles all around.

While we wait for the news,

mom’s dead.

We pretend to pray while the enemy sits across the room.

“We did everything we could.”

The foundation has cracked, and the lies seeped out.

Her life was just beginning, while you watched yours end.

A beautiful portrait torn to pieces.

Body paralyzed with fear as a whisper of a familiar voice echoes

“I’m home.”


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