RDG 03: Cold Desire

Rider – Waite:

The Moon

Queen of


Page of Swords

6 of Cups

10 of Wands


What is my life’s purpose? I feel as though I am just drifting along…

I have grown pretty contemptuous with my life so far, and I am dissatisfied with the direction it is heading in. Exactly what is that direction, and where is it leading me? I am not sure. Still trying to figure that out…

It seems like the creative energy within me happens in spurts. When I’m hot, I am hot. But when I am cold, I am cold, and I no longer have the drive needed to develop any of my creative ideas. When I am cold, I tend to lack a desire for desire. Maybe I get bored too quickly? Maybe I have a short attention span? Or maybe I just have yet to find that ‘thing’ that gets me excited and that I will never grow tired of doing. I feel like if I knew what it was and pursuing it – not wasting any more time on frivolous stuff – that I would achieve a sense of fulfillment. I have a lot of fun; I usually do what I enjoy with people I love, and I feel as though I am happy, but I sense that it is time to grow up now and achieve more with my life.
Thanks in advance for your guidance,
Daniel H.


Thank you, Daniel, for your interest in this Tarot Reading. I have chosen to do an extended 5-Card reading for you that will reveal to you your soul’s hidden desire, the one it needs in order to be fulfilled. This card layout is an ancient Kabbalistic way of reading tarot that will uncover this hidden desire and help you to achieve a genuine sense of purpose.

I’ve arranged the cards in this layout to correspond to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, each connecting to one of the spheres (or sefirot) on the Tree. We begin with the top of the Tree, where your soul’s desire forms, and then work our way down to the bottom, the location of your manifested desire. Along this path, you will receive practical guidance and advice for dealing with your emotional / ego-nature that you will be able to convert into the energy of action.

The Moon = Be mindful and aware of your true nature and learn to accept it.

Queen of Wands = Remain focused on the good, and remember that a (black cat) is protecting you.

Page of Swords = Be open to change and communication with your higher-self as you strengthen your 6th-sense intuitiveness. Surrender to the higher self and allow it to be your guide.

6 of Cups = Those who judged you previously will accept you.

10 of Wands = You must not settle. Keep working on yourself and your spiritual growth.

Allow me to briefly explain this Kabbalistic layout and how it coincides with the Tree of Life sefirot. Some Kabbalists consider there to be only five (or four) true sefirot on the Tree of Life, the ‘spiritual worlds in a descending chain of existence (Wikipedia, 2021).’

Yesod, Chokmah, Binah, Malchut – and now in this reading the fifth is Keter. And it is with these five sefirot that we use to read and interpret the five cards in your reading today.

The first card, the top card, is The Moon and represents your soul’s hidden desire and to spiritual transformation, aka reinventing yourself. From here, let’s look at the last card at the bottom, the 10 of Wands, which provides a glimpse at how this desire becomes a reality (manifested). The 10 of Wands also relates to ‘unrooting’ yourself and starting a new life. The term ‘unrooting’ can mean breaking free from beliefs: core beliefs and belief systems, morals/ethics, and overzealous opinions. Unrooting may also relate to things you have spent years studying, once believed to be unquestionable, but no longer agree with because – you have now seen the truth, and this new truth sets you free. Sometimes for us to change, we must first reach a point where we are disgusted by our own behaviors, and/or mindset, and limiting beliefs, which occurs when being honest with ourselves and reflecting in an objective, analytical, and yet critical way. We have to get to the point where we kill off who we once were, so we can reinvent ourselves and transform for the better. Only then are we able to evolve spiritually.


In order for you to feel truly fulfilled in your life you must keep evolving spiritually and continue to reinvent yourself. For you this concept boils down to how true you remain to yourself – and which in your case may mean continuous expansion and growth, forever evolving.
I will expand upon this idea in more detail as I explain each card (one by one).

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