RDG 04: Divination Nostradamus


My question is a romantic one. Am I destined to be single or have I met or will I eventually meet the guy that is meant for me?


*Nostradamus Tarot*

Reversed V of Spheres (Pentacles)

Reversed lX of Suns (Wands)

V of Stars (Swords)

Thanks so much for your question “J!” It took me a second to select a deck to find your romance as if there is a conflicting will or intention. Perhaps there is another variable splitting destiny between what you want emotionally and what will turn out to be practical – within the earth and air elements. I also looked at whether there may be a more carnal partner for you as compared with a cosmic connection, and didn’t find anything fixed.

It could be that right now, the answer is related to a past or future life, or some other realm of consciousness/existence, if you take to that particular line of thinking. (What it reminds me of) is this beautiful alternate environment, with especially vivid colors and light. And there are these three similarly suited noble guards, but who may also be government officials of some kind, standing shoulder to shoulder, where I think could be in or near a throne room. They appear to be from antiquity, but the scene also seems futuristic; for example, I can’t see their faces, and they could be robots(!) The armor they are wearing is similar to perhaps the Egyptian or Roman custom, but it isn’t anything I’ve seen in history. So there you go…

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I decided to use the Nostradamus Deck because I feel new to the situation and seek the Celestial Spirit. I will quote the card meanings here. There are only slight differences:

Am I destined to be single? – REVERSED V OF SPHERES (Rev 5 of Pentacles): “The sublime form, invisible to the naked eye, Will be veiled by obsessive thoughts.” You could be making partnership too complicated, like beyond -‘who can I cook for? Who wants to hang out with me?’ It could be anybody right? This may also mean that you already care about a particular person and need to do something about it – and in case you need to heal and move on.

Have I met my romance? – REVERSED lX OF SUNS (Rev 9 of Wands): “Accords and pacts will be broken; Friendships will be undermined with discord.” This is kind of like too much (flare). I would say, if there is someone you have in mind that it’s probably counter-intuitive for you, and that you don’t quite align in some way, perhaps ideologically.

Will I eventually meet the guy for me? – V OF STARS (5 of Swords): “The great arc is torn down to its foundation, By the chief captive of the sought-for friend.” You may want to think about, how can this future man win with you? What does he need to do, be, say, think, feel? Do you feel a sense of past abandonment or some other lingering emotions that could create problems or block intimacy? Also sometimes it’s just the mental confusion that can ruin the day.

Occasionally, it seems like the universe doesn’t know what’s going to happen next, but either way, I’d say the answer is in a state of flux, and perhaps there are things to be decided before you’ll be able to rest and entangle your mind with another person. Once this occurs, you’ll be able to approach this question again from a fresh perspective – with new wisdom and understanding. At that time, you may even be asking this question in a different way.
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