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CHAPTER: 16 The Queens

…The Queen’s Money

Are you more of an individual Queen, planting the seeds of your own destiny? Or are you a Kingly Queen, most content with a highly capable partner involved to assist you? And how would planting that seed differ from nurturing and harvesting the grain? Of course, we know that Queens typically have money, and far more than the average person. Though, because the Queen may need assistance delivering on that prosperous idea, the key to activating the Queen’s wealth may rely on the cards accompanying her. These cards could be clues to the resources at her disposal.

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It seems reasonable to expect that the Queen of Pentacles in a reading signifies a (motherlode) in regards to prosperity. On the contrary, it may happen that nothing perceptible has occurred in the interest of the queried goal. Instead, the Queen might be indicating a fortuitous proposition arriving in the future, and which has the risk of being overlooked, or an admirer. The Queen of Pentacles, in particular, may also exist as a sense of wealth without any tangible basis, or is a comparison of wealth. Can the Queen be relied upon to generate cash and commerce as masterfully as the King? The Queen of Disks in the Thoth deck, for example, will likely turn out to be the way forward to abundance with significant risk and where there must be a flexible, well-informed strategy, along with some robust consideration and work. 

Beneath the Queen

In both the classic Rider-Waite Deck and Visconti decks, we have the Pages, who are not royalty but loyal manservants equipped with some of the affectations and powers afforded to them from court. Despite a Page’s difference in rank, they are frequently more capable than Knights in the arcana who are often absent from circumstance, away on the King’s business (Knights of Wands and Cups), fighting wars or gathering intelligence (Knights of Swords and Pentacles).

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Some Queens like the Queen of Wands, for example, may find themselves more attracted to a passionate warrior Knight like Lancelot, as opposed to a cerebral, politically savvy, and austere King Arthur. The Knight, however, is a superb sign for travel and transportation, though he may be an extremely negative sign in the Reversed position. A Reversed Knight of Wands may be a person who belongs in prison and represent the more destructive aspects of its fiery element…

Written by: m.wilson