Uninvited guest

As the verse of two synchronized knocks compose at my front door, its awaited arrival is known by my obscured profile behind the couch. Bullets of anxiety attack my body and mind as it stiffens in response, by the foretaste of this foreign recurrence as of the past week. My fingers whiten at the edge of my phone screen as my house cameras capture the uninvited visitor, only to fail. Once again no proof to show the events of this recurring visit, to those I once sought help
only to question my insanity.

As I shake my phone in frustration by its eeriness of it all. I grip my leather sofa in anticipation of the impact, following the last few seconds on the clock. Within a blink, 12:01 hits the life force in my own home. The air falls thin as if slipping from its loud traditional existence to a provoked deadly silence. Until it stands beneath animated breaths that echoes through every corner of my four walls. Following its unmerciful rampage, stealing every lick of light, from every electric pocket to the screen on my phone. It finds contact in between my chest, sending its daggers piercing into every nerve in my body, spiking a tremor outside my skin. Reliving the bitter taste of complete and utter solitude that cottons up my mouth in its stale of protest. Instinctively tearing my eyes from my appointed doom, I follow the spider web cracks that erupted from the first attack. The battle that once took place from my sounds of pleasure
only to lose any authority in the face of my opponent’s fiery, leaving its attack more permanente. What felt like overwhelming dread seeping through the deafening silence erupted my adapted ear drums into a fatal blow.

As the rewindable two synchronizing jabs of its unyielding presence disrupts my wellbeing. My mind declines reality, folding into a vertigo spell. Nothing left to hold on to an external adrenaline possesses my limbs. As it fights within my own insanity it appears desperately at the end of the door knob buried within my hand. I pull, I twist, and I push only to find violent tears in its outcome. My arms feeble by failure unable to smooth the itch between my fingers. Ramming my head endlessly upon the wooden door as the physical pain overwhelms my mind’s trembling thoughts. As the sound of life on the other side, its rasp of breath awakens a breeze between my skin and muscle, engulfing me in a state of cold creeps. I hear an angelic tune in the distance as if a bird’s morning song dipped in honey. My eyes open in its just, only to face the newly appearance of flickering lights. Capturing shaded footsteps peering at the gap below the door, bleeding into the space before my toes. As it advances in contact, I begin to soberly back away. Until it disappears within my second breath, knocking me over by the return of what felt like gravity itself, summoning my home’s original existence. I cover my ears as air floods too quickly within my prior state of control. The first sound my ears are able to capture is the ticking of the active clock as it strikes for the second time 12:01. The lights halt in reasoning, only to direct my eyes upon the door. Hallucinating an illumination from the slight ajar feature left behind. Provoking my numbness, I headed towards the door. As I peek behind the door in hopes of providing a shield to the object of my week’s misery. I find only the emptiness of the midnight sky, as its existence rehearses in between the stain curtains of my mind’s reality. But as fate winks at my adhering reflection it drops a new development at the front sitting of my door frame. An envelope, that lays within the charcoal and slanted letters that entice the forms of my mouth
“You are invited”.

Written by: Faith C.

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