Veronica Felipe

Useless Pouch


it creates our visual reasoning

being such

as of May 

being reasonably sound

anticipating a free token

of creatively wanting to live

with all bad puns aside 

the potential instance has us

to gain a new start or race

at an end to a bygone year 

where our thoughts are from the frost

and not behind

yet we pity our judgment

and choose to be forgetful

with enough sentiment 

to stir a merit

from this point judge the new gravity

originating as a woman whose

husband is an illegitimate child

amid the small particles that once were lodged

Tall J

I know I haven’t shed a tear from my cracked opened pores

But I felt dripping with perspiration as I took your hand

I drive tightly along the curb

Almost to shine a light on your small garden

Missing the rose that you gave me that still drinks from a small vase on my nightstand

I know the banner says goodbye

I know that the wound-up doll cries no more

There is be a protected light blinding my side

You would soon forget

What do you like? I would try to muster an idea

You picked up your hat and ran to your door

I knew you would never take my hand again

I swallowed my gum and let it linger in every organ

It avoided every slow crevice 

I talked more than supposed to so I stayed still

Till the bruises were healing

My heart smashed and hopes dashed

I know that I won’t waste your time again

Goodbye J


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