What Is Weather Modification?


Is weather destined to become something like Resident Evil – Retribution when: Alice winds up in a town-sized simulator engineered by the Umbrella Corporation – where human clones of those infected during the initial Tokyo T Virus outbreak are implanted with the memories of those same deceased, up to the moment they were exposed – and positioned precisely as they were that day – inside an exact replica of the city – and where the weather occurs exactly as it had before (?) (Is that what everyone else got by the way?).

Weather modification probably isn’t that famous, but The Guardian reports on it quite a bit and just published an article a couple of weeks ago. And while there are a few sources that seem to fully describe weather modification, the way it is discussed may leave readers with the impression that it’s one of those “rainy day” technologies and not altogether relevant.

When that weird snowstorm, the polar vortex occurred in Texas this past February, weather modification may have crossed the minds of some people. Though perhaps it has not been fully explained by the experts yet if the Arctic air mass may have re-distributed or enhanced already present weather mods in the atmosphere, and which potentially led to such unexpected conditions. Previous Arctic outbreaks have resulted in alternate weather systems, one called “bombogenesis” which is rapidly changing atmospheric pressure with “explosive cyclogenesis.” And one wonders if every type of connecting stream and weather ‘explosion’ has been observed in connection with various human-made weather chemicals, air pollutants, and other elements and forces. A Facebook post reported on by Reuters after the storm refuted such claims that President Biden “manipulated” the weather and described cloud seeding but stated that there is no evidence to suggest seeding was the cause.

As it turns out, Texas has an active rain enhancement and hail suppression program encompassing about 1/6 of the state, and where there are seven regular ongoing cloud-seeding projects covering 31 million acres; while 51 million acres are currently indicated as “targeted.” Meanwhile, weather modification has been taking place in Texas for at least 22 years, and the .gov website states that more water is needed to supply the growing population. The specified cloud seeding technique with silver iodide is distributed by aircraft to “invigorate convective clouds — promoting their growth and capacity to produce rainwater,” and young thunderstorms are seeded as well (tdlr.Texas.gov).


Cloud seeding was invented here in the United States by a chemist employed by General Electric in 1946, as the company experimented with using dry ice to disperse cloud cover. Modification involves all types of weather like “clouds, precipitation, lightning, hail, tornadoes, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tropical cyclones.“ Today the United States, Russia, France, Australia, and China are among those actively involved in weather modification. China (the world’s largest cloud seeder starting their program in the 1950-60s) – is constantly chasing clouds over Beijing, for example, seeding them for rain to remedy problems with drought and water scarcity. However, “more water,” for example, isn’t always good because of things like ground wastewater contamination – irrigated water running into dry-land areas that may create swamps and salt. Contamination from water that runs through urban areas and rural lands without sewer systems is bad news.

China generates its precipitation using guns, rockets, and airplanes to apply various treatments onto the clouds, and is expanding its weather modification program in the Quinghai –Tibet Plateau. Half the country, (an area almost twice the size of India and 20 times the size of UK), will be rain/snow – weather controlled by 2025 – which is 2.1 million square miles or 56 percent of its surface area (Guardian 2021).

Weather modification then requires some degree of cooperation between the powers. An example of this type of accordance occurred in 1975 when the United States and Canada created a document agreeing to share information about weather procedures. Found on the American Sovereign website, it discusses how a government needs to know about weather modification if the other’s territory is within 200 miles of the other country. So it seems possible, at least in the 1970s, that the results of such activity aren’t entirely predictable. It is also used militarily, as in the case of “Operation Popeye,” designed to flood the Vietnamese communists along specific infiltration routes in the northern territory and southern Laos during the war, and meant to obstruct vehicles and foot traffic.

In one instance, the rainfall continued as the cloud moved eastward across the Vietnam border and inundated a U.S. Special Forces camp with nine inches of rain in four hours.




‘Inadvertent weather modification is difficult to quantify.’ Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences – DeFelice (2018)


According to Soldatenko and Yusupov (2021), weather modification has mostly to do with atmospheric sciences and mathematics. (Auto-Modification) occurs when for instance, major cities end up creating more thunderstorms; big farm properties can attract more clouds and rainfall over irrigated areas, and jets have something to with cirrus clouds, (thin and wispy clouds). ‘Weather’ is a more temporary condition while ‘climate’ represents a longer interval, say 30 years. Of course, the practice is becoming more sophisticated and it looks like the technology is accelerating. Furthermore, with climate change in our horizon, weather modification will probably start to get pretty hardcore.

President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Science Advisory Committee published a report called “Restoring the Quality of Our Environment” in 1965 to sound the alarm about the need to countervail climatic changes. However, the work of climate/geoengineers and “turning down the dimmer switch, may reduce incoming solar radiation but would do nothing to slow ocean acidification (UN University).” For this reason, there is a general effort to de-emphasize what climate engineers do because of the political implications.

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